Flowpacks With Gussets


Modular packaging and packaging solutions

The term “GUSSETS” identifies a specific flow packs shape for food products (and not). It is a term used to indicate a type of plastic packaging and not which is packaged using a vertical or horizontal packaging machine.
The product is completely wrapped by the film that is welded on the head and on the bottom, generating “gussets” near the welds. They are frequently used to make chocolate, biscuits, bakery products, long pasta and special long pasta, frozen products, other types of food products, but do not exclude others as industrial products in general and more.
GPI Group manufactures cartoning machines, forming machines, closing machines and lidders, robotic top loaders, wrap around machines, packaging monoblocks particularly suitable to be placed in line with vertical packaging machines.
Our range of packaging machinery is particularly recommended for automating product lines packaged in flow pack for products such as: bakery products, chocolate, energy bars, pasta, snacks, crisps, granular products, pet food and much more.
Flow packs can be inserted laterally or vertically in cartons, wrap around boxes, bottom and lid box, display box, RSC Cartons, trays and other solutions.
The GPI Group machines are characterized by innovative, modular construction methods, integrated with cutting – edge electro – mechanical applications.
The range is completed by traditional and robotic cartoning systems, traditional layer palletizers or portal palletizers, robotized palletising units, LGV and much more. Turnkey solutions for the complete automation of the production line from A to Z, also for other sectors such as beverages, home cleaning products, chemicals, personal care products eventually integrated with logistic systems.
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